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MLM Leads

This is my #1 source for traffic, leads, and sales. Let me warn you, this traffic is not cheap! However it has paid for itself over and over again. Up until now I have kept this traffic source secret and only for my paying team members, because it is honestly that good and I want them to succeed. The traffic comes direct from ‘display ads’ of people interested in earning income online. Watch the video using the link I provide, and then order the specific traffic explained in the video.

Wayne's Solo Ads

Here is my #2 source and another ‘secret gem’ that I use for leads and sales. Simply put this traffic is on fire. Wayne is an expert in this industry and has worked for years to get the quality level of his traffic very high. He has accomplished that with this traffic source. If you have a landing page that leads directly to a sells page, then use this traffic to specifically get sales. His traffic has a guarantee if you follow these guidelines. It is really that good. Review the details and then order your traffic.


My top source #3 is a high quality traffic provider that is essential to list building in several niches. The best way to use this traffic source is to purchase the weekly traffic or at the very least the bi-weekly traffic. If you use this service regularly you will get results. If you find a particular mailing list didn’t work contact support and let them know not to use that list. The team at TraffcForMe is very helpful. If you get on their mailing list and wait for specials you can get a lot more leads at a reduced lower price.

Real Solo Ads

This website is a simple straight forward solo ad site ran buy a guy who is honest, sincere and helpful. After your purchase you will receive a free video training course on how to build your list. Watch these videos! The traffic quality is excellent, and I have made lots of sells with this traffic. Rodney will provide a traffic link so you can see the traffic progress. The focus with this traffic should be sending traffic to an e-mail opt-in page, and then on to a high quality sells page.

Udimi Solo Ads

This is home to a serious large amount of solo ad providers. The quality is good but only if you take the time to review the solo providers. Let me provide the ‘Secret’ to successfully using this site. What you want to focus on is getting to the best ‘sellers’ and then setting up a custom search that you can save. The key filters you want to use are: Traffic Source, Ratings, and Sales. Folks who take the time to master the filter will do well. You want the best quality and not just the cheapest cost.

WebPreneur Media

These folks are one of my favorite providers, and I have been using them for over 10 years. What I like about them is that they always provide great customer service. They have various advertising services but I like the Ad Co-op, because you can get a consistent supply of traffic and build your list at a very reasonable price. They have a monthly package starting around $100 a month. The key to effectively using this traffic source is long term consistency.

Extreme Lead Program

I am a long time user of their services. They have many traffic options. The absolute best thing you can do is go to their ‘Contact Us’ page and send them a message. You will speak with Mike or Jeffry. Explain your website and goals, and they will help you find the best service for you. I use a service that most people refuse to use, because it works! I use custom phone interviewed leads, and speak with people directly about what I have for them. This is in addition to building my list.

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